94 per cent of Coventry children to attend preferred primary school

Despite a decrease in available places, the majority of Coventry school children will be attending their first-choice preferred primary school in September.

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Almost every child in Coventry will be joining a primary school of their choice this September, after the allocations were announced this week.

In Coventry, 99% of parents making an application for their child have been given a place in one of their three preferred schools.

A remarkable 94.4% were allocated their first-choice primary school.

This year saw 4,081 parents submit an application – an increase of 91 compared to last year – with slightly fewer places available in schools.

Cllr Kevin Maton praised the “excellent news that even with a decrease in places available, almost 95% of parents can celebrate their child getting into the school of their choice”.

Some 39 applicants were unsuccessful in getting a place for their children in their preferred schools, typically because they did not apply for their catchment area school or only listed one school.

The majority (82%) of parents applied online, and so should have already received emails with their offer.

Those who applied via a paper application will receive offer letters in the coming days as they were posted out by second class post, Coventry City Council has said.