About HelloCov.co.uk


HelloCov.co.uk hosts the digital web edition of HelloCov, Coventry’s fast-growing, most trusted news and lifestyle publication.

HelloCov was founded in 2018 “to create a free, accessible record of local happenings and occurences” in Coventry. The name HelloCov was inspired by the timely greeting Hello, and the openness and accessibility the noun represents.

In HelloCov’s first post, it was explained that “like the air we all breath, we aim to be open-source, accessible and always free.” It is this approach that leads the way we report happenings and occurences.

HelloCov is politically neutral in its reporting, which does not hinder the honesty in the news, reviews and opinions we share.

In November 2019, HelloCov became apart Oozells Publications based in Birmingham. The network provides experience and resources to help keep HelloCov at the forefont of local media.

The Team


Our strength lies in the talent, experience and abilities of our people and the values that drive them.

Passion, curiosity, intrigue and optimism permeate our entire team.

These qualities allow us to thrive in a climate of stangnation that flows through the local media business, putting HelloCov at the forefront with constant reinvention, interpretation, adaptation and improvement.

Digital Manager:

News Editor: Oliver Cole
Lifestyle Editor: Kaitlyn Sutton