An urban wellness retreat is coming to Coventry City Centre

The Nook Urban Retreat brings yoga, massage therapy, meditation and a Tea Lounge all under one roof.

This week, a unique wellness retreat concept is set to open in Coventry city centre.

The Nook Urban Retreat is the first dedicated yoga studio in Coventry city centre, bringing together yoga, massage therapy, meditation and a Tea Lounge under one roof.

Built as a haven of calm and wellness for busy modern lives, The Nook aims to be a quiet little corner you know you can always pop by for calm and relaxation.

The team behind The Nook set out to create a space that is beautiful, cosy and inviting, with every aspect being carefully considered, from the Scandinavian infused design to the natural elements that come together in a minimal fashion.

The studios are designed to ease you into a state of calm – with class sizes limited to no more than 18 mats so you have space to stretch with minimal distractions.

The story behind The Nook Urban Retreat is explained as:

“The journey was inspired by Michelle, who was struggling to keep up with a demanding career in London alongside maintaining some form of work-life balance. Things quickly became exhausting and she started looking for an outlet for her stresses. She was never a fan of the gym, but quickly fell in love with yoga after stepping into her first class several years ago.

“It was then that she realised the need for a place where anyone could come in and take time for themselves. And so The Nook Urban Retreat was born – a space of calm and wellness for busy modern lives.”

The Nook offers various methods to achieve calm and relaxation, everything from pilates and meditation to pregnancy yoga.

The Tea Lounge serves a selection of teas from Canton, a family-owned, independent tea company, who purchases each batch of tea directly from small farmers who handpick every leaf to ensure the sweetest and most complex flavours make it into the cup.

The Nook Urban Retreat hosts its studio launch open day on Saturday, 2 November from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm, with free classes, tea, nibbles and goodie bags lined up.

To book your place on the free open day classes, visit