Appeal for donations to fund Coventry Cathedral West Screen repairs

A burglary at Coventry Cathedral last week saw one of the iconic glass panes depicting an angel smashed.

Photo credit: Enjoy Coventry

A donations page has been set-up to help raise money to fund repair works to a glass panel on Coventry Cathedral’s West Screen, which was damaged last week in a burglary.

The iconic glass pane, depicting an angel, was smashed by thieves in the early hours of 24 January.

The pane of glass is known as The Angel with the Eternal Gospel, by John Hutton, and is apart of the Screen of Saints and Angels, displaying in total 66 larger-than-life figures that took ten years to engrave and are original to the Cathedral’s consecration in 1962.

It is not yet known whether the panel will be repairable or if it will need to be replaced, but the Cathedral have reached out to a team of international glass experts to assist them.

Whilst Coventry Cathedral does have insurance to cover the building, they have said it is unlikely to cover the full cost of a new window panel.

A spokesperson said: “We are hugely grateful to the many people who have said they would like to contribute to this cost so we are setting up an appeal for this straight away.

“At this stage, we do not know the total cost of the repair or replacement, but expect it will be at least £20,000.”

If you would like to make an online donation to the glass repair fund, you can do so here

If more than is needed is raised for this project, it will be used to fund other essential work in the maintenance or mission of the Cathedral.

If you would like more details about the project, or would prefer to make your donation once the actual costs are known, you can email or call 02476 521226.