Best vegan restaurants in Coventry for eating out during Veganuary

The culinary scene in Coventry has picked up over the past 12 months and vegans have not missed out.

One in eight Britons are now either vegan or vegetarian, with the plant-based movement gaining strength every year as people become more conscious of the impact their diets have on the planet.

The culinary scene in Coventry has picked up over the past 12 months, with an assortment of delicious eateries opening in the city offering incredible variety, from comfort food to obscure Asian-originating delights, and vegans haven’t been left behind.

If you’re not hungry already, you will be once you’ve seen the array of vegan dishes Coventry has to offer.

The Pod Cafe

Arguably Coventry’s best vegan spot, everything on The Pod Cafe’s menu is and suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Taking inspiration and flavours from all over the world,  all of the produce used in the kitchens is locally sourced and primarily organic and seasonal, from either the cafe’s own allotment or the Coventry indoor market.

Not only does the cafe serve up delicious, fresh food, but it acts as a vibrant space and cultural hub for social activism. A place of low tech; part of the slow food movement; and a place to take a break and start new conversation.

The cafe’s aim is to provide wholesome, nourishing food with authentic flavours at affordable prices. Each meal is £4, or £3.25 if you are an active member of Food Union or Time Union.

The Pod Cafe reopens for 2020 on Thursday, 9 January.


Chain-favourite Wagamama, which arrived in the city last year, has long boasted separate menus to cater for dietary requirements and choices, including veganism.

Available only during Veganuary, Wagamama has added a new alternative to fish to its menu, but the chain says it could return permanently if popular.

Priced at £12.95, the new Suika (meaning watermelon in Japanese) tuna steak is ‘dressed and seared in the wok’ – served with miso sesame wok-fried kale, tender stem broccoli, avocado edamame, tofu guacamole and pickled radish on sticky white rice.

The dish is then topped with crispy fried shallots, sesame seeds, fresh chilli, and lime.

Wagamama Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot said about the new menu item, “My team and I are always excited about creating new dishes, we love to innovate and make people think about the food they are eating.

“The watermelon tuna dish is all about innovation and creating exceptional vegan food for our guests. The joy of being able to produce really cool food that is both vegan and tastes fantastic at the same time is what it’s all about.”

Wagamama offers many plant-based dishes that feature on the chain’s permanent vegan menu, including Yasai Nikko Curry, Kare Burosu, and the Avant Gard’n – created by vegan chef Gaz Oakley.

Playwrights Bar & Bistro

Playwrights Bar & Bistro is located on the picturesque cobbled Hay Lane, surrounded by dated brick buildings, which leads into the historic Cathedral Quarter.

Playwrights is known for its delicious and expansive menu, featuring an entirely separate vegan menu, with the majority of its traditional menu giving scope for non-dairy/gluten-free options too.

A customer review on Trip Advisor boasts that “the option of having a vegan menu was brilliant and the food matched,” and many others shared the same sentiment.

The highlights of their vegan menu include wild mushroom risotto, sweet potato burger and roasted vegetable tart.

Stop by Playwrights on any Monday between 15:00 and 20:00 for their ‘Meat Free Mondays’, and get 20% off the entire vegan menu.

Basement Browns

Located at 14 High Street, Coventry, Basement Browns is an independent, family-run pizza restaurant, offering fresh-to-order pizza with plenty of vegan toppings.

Choose from vegan chicken, vegan chorizo, vegan cheese, plus every vegetable you could ever want on a pizza.

With attentive and friendly staff to make your experience even more enjoyable, pizza is back on the vegan menu.

The Botanist

Coventry’s most visually-arresting restaurant does not miss out on the vegan options either.

The Botanist’s Moving Mountains® burger with pulled barbecue jackfruit sounds almost too good to be true and is completely meat-free.

Even though the restaurant’s regular menu has plenty of vegan options to choose from, they have created a separate non-gluten menu with even more dishes to choose from.

Choose four delicious dishes from their deli board, indulge in the mushroom and squash pie served with ‘champ mash’, mushy peas and gravy, or any of their other vegan dishes.