British Science Festival lands in Coventry this week

A week of free events, activities and discussions across Coventry and Warwickshire.

The British Science Festival has landed in the city.

The event, run in partnership with the University of Warwick, is Europe’s longest-established science festival. Every year it travels to a new city in the UK, bringing a vast array of events, performances and exhibitions with a scientific twist.

The Festival kicked off last night at The Botanist Coventry with late-night live music and botanical beverages.

Starting today is a week jam-packed with 100+ events and discussions, and here are just a few of our favourites:

Tackling Food Poverty

Celebrity chef Jack Monroe has become a champion for cooking on a budget. Self-taught out of necessity, she has raised awareness of the challenge of healthy eating whilst living on a low income.

Join Jack alongside marketing researcher Caroline Moraes, Coventry Council Mental Health Unit and The Pod Cafe Manager Christine Eade and British Science Festival Director Ivvet Modinou as they discuss how social stigma doesn’t help the situation and how cities like Coventry are tackling food poverty.

This free discussion takes place on Wednesday, 11 September from 7:00 pm, lasting an hour, hosted at Coventry Cathedral. Free tickets must be reserved in advance.

Perfect Bodies

The pressure for perfection has never been greater.

With the rise of social media, a culture that normalises plastic surgery and an era where the value of having the ‘perfect body’ is demonstrated constantly through the paycheques of the world’s most influential celebrities, what are the moral, ethical and cultural consequences for society?

Join Alice Roberts, Heather Widdows, Muireann Quigley and Victoria Goodyear from the University of Birmingham as they debate the impact of this impossible pursuit of perfection, drawing on learnings from law, philosophy, psychology, health and wellbeing.

This discussion takes place on Thursday, 12 September from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the University of Warwick. The event is free but tickets must be reserved in advance.

When Gaming Becomes Gambling

Games have the power to alter the way we interact with and view the world. Yet how can we navigate the blurred boundaries between gaming and gambling, and what could or should the industries do to protect consumers, especially when they are children?

Drawing on practices from games producers alongside the perspectives of children, Heather Wardle, a sociologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, examines what impact it has for the children playing them.

This free discussion takes place at the University of Warwick from Friday, 13th September from 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Free tickets must be reserved in advance.

Doctored Memories

In an image-obsessed world, where photos can be edited at the touch of a button, it is increasingly difficult to tell what is real and fake. Being able to distinguish between truth and lies in photography is important, but why?

Psychologist Kim Wade, BAFTA and multi-award-winning artist Alison Jackson, known for her photos depicting celebrity lookalikes in false, but believable scenarios, and journalist Priya Joi draw on their own research and experiences to discuss how blurring these lines impacts our memories, world views and ultimately society.

This discussion takes place on Friday, 13 September and lasts for an, starting at 5:00 pm, hosted at The Box, Fargo Village. Booking is required but tickets are free.

The Festival comes to a close on Friday evening with a takeover of Coventry’s Fargo Village.

From holograms to comedy, mind-reading technology to mud kitchens for adults, and plenty more, celebrate the end of the British Science Festival in style with drinks from Twisted Barrel Ale, street food from Backhaus & Co., and activities at Print Manufactory, Rock ‘n’ Roller Parlour, Dashing Blades, The Market Hall and more.

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