Business events make a return to Coventry with COVID measures

Coventry’s Chamber of Commerce hosted its first in-person gathering since March.

Business professionals seated, taking notes

Business events have returned to Coventry for the first time since March – but there were no handshakes or business card swaps.

Coventry’s Chamber of Commerce held its first in-person business event since lockdown, choosing the IXL Events Centre, in Warwickshire, to host the gathering.

Eighteen delegates attended the socially distanced event and all stood more than two metres apart as they chatted about their businesses with fellow firms while regularly sanitising their hands. 

Hazel Pilling, membership manager at the Chamber, said: “It wasn’t quite a full-on business event as we know it, but it was great to be back in a room with businesspeople and there was a real buzz.

“It was a great example of how business events of this nature can work really well and be done safely and securely and within Government guidelines.”

Safety procedures at the event included the wearing of masks, a one-way system to keep people well distanced and plenty of hand sanitiser.

The Chamber said the feedback from attendees has been positive, with people saying they felt safe but also relaxed.

Nevertheless, the Chamber said it will continue to host online events as they have worked “really well” over the past six months.

Hazel continued: “A huge amount of credit must go to the IXL Events team for staging this event and proving that they are capable of scaling up”.

Lai-Yee Cheung, from IXL Events, said: “We were delighted to host the Chamber’s event and it gave businesses the chance to see the wonderful facilities we have to offer here.”