Calls to make Coventry a world leader in electric vehicles

Coventry’s car-making heritage should be brought into a new age by getting out front in the electric vehicle revolution.

Car manufacturing factory

Coventry is poised to be at the centre of UK electric vehicle manufacturing into the future, continuing the city’s car-making heritage.

The city’s taxi-making legacy is in a new green age after the launch of the first 100 per cent electric taxi, which is manufactured in the city.

In addition, the new £129 million UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC), set to open later this year in Coventry, will help companies develop and scale-up production of the latest battery technology.

Amongst the voices calling for the advancements is Zarah Sultana, the Labour MP for Coventry South, who last week called on the Government to “harness the skills and industry we have in Coventry to once again make the city a world-leader in the automotive industry, but now building the electric cars of the future.”

Ms Sultana made the call during a debate on the Finance Bill in the House of Commons. 

Having highlighted the recent jobs losses announced at Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover and elsewhere in proximity to Coventry, Ms Sultana warned that “we stand on the verge of an economic and social calamity.”

To avoid this, she called on the Government to introduce a “bold and ambitious Green New Deal [to] hardwire lasting change in our society”.

Her call follows the Prime Minister announcing a ‘New Deal’ on 30 June, outlining how the Government will “build back better, build back greener, build back faster”.

Though, Ms Sultana criticised the proposals as a “drop in the ocean”.