Coronavirus: When and where you must wear face coverings in Coventry

Coventrians are asked to wear face coverings when travelling by public bus or train, and when going to University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire, as a patient or visitor.

As shops and businesses reopen today across the city, and some return to work, here’s a guide on when and where you must wear face coverings in the city.

Unless specifically instructed by a shop, the wearing of face coverings inside businesses premises is not required.

Though, many shops are encouraging people to wear them to protect themselves.

Public transport

The government announced last week that those travelling on public transport, including buses and trains, will need to wear face coverings from today (15 June).

Face coverings can be easily made out of an old t-shirt or piece of cotton fabric, as explained by this Government publication.

Though, some people are exempt from the rule, including children under 11 and individuals with certain health and non-visible conditions, such as respiratory conditions, panic disorders, and cognitive impairments.

National Express Coventry, the city’s provider for bus transportation, has said that as many people return to work, it is important to remember that government advice continues to be to only travel if your journey is necessary.

The bus company is also asking that customers do not stand on their buses, to enable safe social distancing, and to open a window if you can, to help with ventilation and fresh air circulation.

Visiting the hospital

University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire have also implemented the requirement to wear a face covering when you go to the hospital as a visitor or outpatient from today.

In a statement, the hospital explained that face coverings can be cloth and/or homemade, such as from a t-shirt.

Face coverings worn as part of religious beliefs or cultural practice are also acceptable, providing they are not loose and cover the mouth and nose.

The hospital is asking that visitors plan in advance and bring a face covering whenever possible, but that if you do not have one available to not to delay your visit and instead see a member of staff on arrival and who will provide you with one.

Exceptions and other measures will be considered on a case by case basis for those who find the wearing of a face covering difficult due to physical or mental health conditions, for example, timed appointments and being seen immediately on arrival.

Supersede: following the publication of this article, new Government guidelines have been issued in England, making the wearing of face coverings compulsory when in shops, from 24 July 2020.