Coventrians being denied COVID-19 tests is “a farce”, says MP

Zarah Sultana MP shared the concerns of local residents with Health Secretary Matt Hancock after some were unable to access COVID-19 tests in the city.

Zarah Sultana MP talking in the House of Commons

Pictured: Zarah Sultana MP talking in the House of Commons on 15 September.

On Tuesday afternoon, Zarah Sultana, MP for Coventry South, questioned Health Secretary Matt Hancock in the House of Commons over Coventry residents not having access to COVID-19 tests.

The MP said residents had gotten in touch with her to share their “distress and despair” at being unable to book a COVID-19 test in Coventry, despite the city having three testing centres.

“Some can’t book a test anywhere, while other have booked only to be turned away at the centres”, she told the Health Secretary.

The MP ended her question telling Mr Hancock that “quoting figures is not good enough” and asked him when more tests will be available for the city.

The Health Secretary responded that he is “working to increase capacity”, adding that 762 people were tested for COVID-19 in Coventry on the previous day, 14 September, which he said was “an increase over the last week”.

The local NHS trust issued a statement, in which they said “the current issues within the testing programme are the subject of intense focus and it is hoped local testing capacity will improve as soon as possible”.

They also recommended requesting a test via the national online testing system in the early morning or after 20:00.

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