Coventry Building Society makes it easy to give a gift in Coventry this Christmas

Spread the festive cheer for those less fortunate than you by donating gifts to local charities.

Coventry Building Society branches across the city are collecting donations for a number of different local charities, including Coventry Haven, Coventry Foodbank and the children’s charity, This Is Me, as part of its festive Coventree project.

Christmas trees have been put up in each of the branches with gift tags showing presents that each of the different charities have requested.

Anyone is able to call into a branch, choose a present they would like to give and then drop the unwrapped item into the branch. The branch staff will then wrap the presents and give them to the charity to help those in need.

Zara Campbell-Smith, Branch Manager at Coventry Building Society’s Foleshill branch, said: “Christmas is an expensive time of year, and for families who are already struggling, it can be particularly hard.

“This is why we have chosen to work with the Midland Langar Seva Society, who provide hot food and shelter to the homeless and emergency food supplies to thousands of families in need each month.

“We are collecting a variety of food and toiletry items. Some items such as shower gel or tinned goods cost less than £1, but will make a huge difference to someone in need this Christmas.

“Last year the project was a huge success as we received over £10,000 worth of donations for a number of charities from across all our branches.

Shoppers have until 16 December to drop off their gift tag donations at any Coventry Building Societies branches in the city.