Coventry City Council call for businesses to help with vital supplies

The Council need a good supply of hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment.

Coventry City Council has issued a call to all businesses in the city to see if they can help source some vital supplies.

​In a newsletter, the Council asked for help in finding items such as masks and hand sanitiser.

The letter says: “These are difficult times for all business and organisations around our city and indeed the country and we would like to thank you and your staff for your continuing hard work to keep our city running as best you can.

“We would also like to ask you for a little help if possible.

“As you will appreciate, as a Council, we work in all areas of the city, in a variety of locations and a variety of ways, from schools to social care settings. We provide a wide array of services for the people of Coventry, including those who are most vulnerable.

“To support that work, we are asking all our city’s businesses if they could offer help in sourcing some vital supplies that will help our teams in their duties around the city.

“We need a good supply of hand sanitiser (any size, smaller size the better) and personal protective equipment including IIR/FFP2/FFP3 face masks, nitrile/latex gloves, visors/goggles and aprons.

“If you have any of these items that are surplus to your needs that you would be prepared to donate or sell, or you have contacts who could help us, it would be much appreciated.

“Every piece of equipment will help us to support our residents through the current crisis, and help us to save lives.”

If you can help in any way, please contact