Coventry classified as ‘medium’ risk under new tiered lockdown system

Coventry will not face any new local restrictions to combat rising case numbers in the city.

Coventry has been classified as ‘medium’ risk, the lowest level, under the Government’s new three-tier lockdown system.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced the new system, in his latest attempt to control the spread of coronavirus as case numbers rise nationally.

In one 24 hour period on Monday, 12 October, Coventry saw 89 new positive COVID-19 cases.

The new traffic-light-style plan is designed to simplify the current system of localised restrictions, which apply to about a quarter of the country, including neighbouring Birmingham and Solihull.

Areas in England will be graded in three tiers as medium, high and very high risk – with the level determined by the rate of infection, rate of increase and total number of cases.

Under the ‘medium risk’ category, Coventry will not face any new local restrictions to combat coronavirus in the city.

The current restrictions will remain in place, which the wearing of face coverings indoors and the 10 pm curfew on restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Household mixing will continue to be allowed, indoors and out, under the ‘rule of six’.

Weddings will remain limited to 15 attendees and funerals numbers limited to 30 attendees.

Neighbouring Birmingham and Solihull will be in the ‘high’ risk tier.

Business leaders at Coventry’s Chamber of Commerce commented that businesses will need “clear and early” advice should any area of the region be moved into a new lockdown tier.

Louise Bennet from the Chamber said: “Avoiding speculation and rumour ahead of any such announcement is something all businesses would want.

“It will be crucial that any support available is easy to access and urgently gets to the
businesses that need it most.”

Supersede: Since the publication of this article, Coventry’s COVID alert level has been raised to Tier 2 – high alert. Read more here.