Coventry Council sets out action plan to get city back on its feet after COVID-19

The report puts a key focus on helping the unemployed get into work and learn new skills.

Pictured: Coventry City Council’s main office building at One Friargate.

A new report published by Coventry City Council has set out how they plan to drive the city’s economic recovery from COVID-19 through a focus on employment and skills.

The report, written in partnership with JobCentre Plus, National Careers Service, Coventry College and Hereward College, sets out the scale of the economic challenge and the local impact this has for the residents of Coventry.

It highlights how unemployment has more than doubled, 38,700 workers are furloughed and a significant number still face redundancy.

Those in need of the most support have been identified, with priority groups including young adults (18-24), those aged 50 and over, BAME communities, the long-term unemployed, those with complex barriers, those with mental health needs and those with digital barriers.

Tailored actions for each of these groups has been considered and set in motion, and will be achieved through making the most of the Council’s partnerships across Coventry.

A Coventry Youth Hub is to be established to help young adults who need support to find work or access training.

Virtual Jobs Fairs will also continue to take place for Coventrians, some tailored to different sectors and businesses where widespread redundancies have occurred or are expected, with a key focus on identifying or developing skills that crossover into different industries.

Further work by the Council with partners, such as the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, will aim to help organisations match their advice and guidance to the current state of the labour market.

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, the cabinet member for jobs and regeneration at the Council, commented on the report, saying: “The economic impact of COVID-19 is unlike anything most people will have seen in their lifetime. That’s why it’s vital that we have plans in place to help Coventry’s economy recover. And recover we will.

 “Partnership working will be central to the city’s recovery and the front door to this support is the Job Shop. The team is available to support people into training and work and they will play an important part in our recovery.”

“As a country, we have [the chance] to move forward into new opportunities and here in this region we are skilled up and ready, but unless the government invest we will lose out to our European partners and the Far East.

“Only £3 billion has been identified by [the] Government for its so-called green new deal. This will hardly pay for a gigafactory and pales into insignificance when you consider France spending 15 billion and Germany 40 billion euros, puts it into perspective.”

To read the report in full, click here.