Coventry MP pledges to donate pay rise to local good causes

Zarah Sultana has expressed her dismay over proposals for MPs to receive a pay rise amidst a national health crisis and rising unemployment.

Pictured: Zarah Sultana MP in her official Parliamentary portrait.

Zarah Sultana MP has spoken out against plans for MPs to receive an estimated £3,300 pay rise next year.

The proposed 4.1% increase would see MPs’ pay rise to a total of around £85,291 in 2021 against a background of economic turmoil and rising unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The independent watchdog responsible for overseeing MPs’ pay and expenses says the increased is linked to the average rise for public sector workers – the same way it has been calculated in recent years.

In a tweet, Sultana called the pay rise wrong, particularly at a time when so many working people are struggling.”

The Coventry South MP committed that if the pay rise goes ahead, she will donate her extra pay to food banks and other good causes in Coventry.

The independent watchdog responsible has opened a consultation running until November, with members of the public able to fill out a survey to give their thoughts on proposed MPs’ pay rise.

Sultana responded to the consultation requesting that the pay rise is cancelled and MPs’ pay is frozen for 2021.

She commented: “It would be totally wrong for MPs to get a pay rise when working people in Coventry South and across the country are facing such hard times.

“Instead of a pay rise for MPs, I am calling for a pay rise for the key workers who we’ve relied on through this crisis – the nurses, cleaners, shop assistants, bus drivers and more.”

The MP is calling for the national minimum wage to be raised to at least £10 an hour for all workers.