Coventry MPs call on Government to protect Rolls Royce jobs

Their plea comes as Rolls Royce announced plans to cut 9,000 jobs globally, including thousands in the UK affecting their Ansty factory.

Coventry MPs Zarah Sultana and Taiwo Owatemi have written to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, urging him to intervene to protect jobs at Rolls Royce’s Ansty plant.

Their letter comes after Rolls Royce announced plans to cut 9,000 jobs globally, including thousands in the UK, and an additional 3,000 job cuts expected in 2021.

Rolls Royce has said the reduction of nearly a fifth of its workforce will mainly affect its civil aerospace division.

The letter notes the importance of Rolls Royce to Coventry, given the proximity of Rolls Royce’s Ansty plant, which manufactures mainly metallic fan cases used in aircraft engines.

The MPs echo concerns expressed by trade unions, with Unite the Union commenting that Rolls Royce is “using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to continue outsourcing jobs outside the UK and to impose redundancies, only to rehire staff on worse contracts.”

The letter underlines this point by noting that Rolls Royce has not utilised emergency Government support.

The MPs are urging the Government to work with trade unions and Rolls Royce to ensure there are no redundancies, the company withdraws its proposal to reduce terms and conditions, and the company utilises Government financial support to help its employees.

The letter concludes by highlighting that “UK manufacturing will be crucial to the country’s economic recovery from this crisis and to building the green, sustainable and prosperous economy we need.

“We urge you to act before more livelihoods are ruined and our industries suffer another irreparable blow.”