Coventry MPs meet with Rolls Royce to discuss planned redundancies

Two Coventry MPs are calling on the Government to intervene to save the livelihoods of 65 Rolls Royce employees set to be made redundant in Coventry.

Pictured: Taiwo Owatemi MP, Zarah Sultana MP and Rolls Royce employees outside the Ansty plant.

Coventry MPs Taiwo Owatemi and Zarah Sultana this week visited the Rolls Royce Ansty plant on the outskirts of Coventry to discuss planned redundancies.

The meeting comes following a letter the pair co-signed to Chancellor Rishi Sunak in June, in which they urged the treasury to intervene to protect the jobs of thousands of Rolls Royce workers.

During their meeting as the plant, the MPs spoke to shop stewards about the site and Rolls Royce’s thousands of planned redundancies, 65 of which are to be made at the Ansty plant.

In a new letter, Ms Sultana called on the Government to establish an “Aerospace Taskforce” to bring stakeholders together to manage the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation and aerospace industries.

The MP also pointed to an extension of the Job Retention Scheme, which is being wound down from August, as a temporary solution to ensure Rolls Royce workers do not lose their livelihoods.

Longterm, the reshoring of Rolls Royce’s supply chain was suggested as a way to help the company retain UK jobs and help other struggling manufacturers in the sector.

Following her visit, Ms Sultana commented: “Coventry is on course to be hit by a wave of job losses in the next few months, which will intensify if the furlough scheme is wound-down as planned.

“The Government must not sit on the sidelines: It has to step-up, protect livelihoods and these highly skilled jobs.”