Four new railway stations could be opening in Coventry

The new stations would improve transport connections in Coundon, Foleshill, Binley and Willenhall.

Coventry City Council has backed plans put forward by the Coventry Conservatives which could see new railway stations opened in the city.

At a full Council meeting last month, councillors agreed to the proposal to assess the feasibility of new train stations in Coundon, Foleshill, Binley and Willenhall.

The plan, which could improve access to the railway network for thousands of residents was put forward by Shadow Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration, Cllr Peter Male.

Labour members supported the plan and went further making the case for a new station in Foleshill. Members also agreed that it’s vital that the city retains three express trains to London every hour.

The proposal comes in direct response to the planned congestion charge in parts of the city for the most polluting vehicles. Four new stations could help to cut traffic on the city’s roads, reduce journey time and help to tackle poor air quality in the city.

A huge growth in the number of passengers passing through Coventry’s main station has been cited as evidence that there is a demand for better rail services in Coventry. In 2010, the station was used by around five million people annually, by 2017 that figure had risen to more than seven million, exceeding expectations.

Shadow Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration, Cllr Peter Male, said: “I’m delighted that we were able to secure cross-party support for our idea to look at the feasibility of two new rail stations in Coventry.

“They would give people a viable alternative to the car so it makes sense to explore the possibility of these new stations in the city. New stations are opening right across the West Midlands so why can’t we get them here too?”

Local Conservative Leader, Cllr Gary Ridley, said: “Whatever way you look at it people won’t ditch the car until viable alternatives are available.

“There’s been a huge growth in the number of passengers using rail travel in Coventry in recent years. So I’m very pleased that we now have unanimous agreement to explore the idea of opening these new rail stations in the city.”

“A quality public transport system can help to reduce pollution and congestion and fewer car journeys mean quicker car journeys plus we’d all breathe cleaner air.”

The locations Coundon, Binley and Willenhall have been suggested because of their strategic locations. Coundon Road station is situated close to an air quality hot spot and Bablake School – which attracts a lot of traffic from outside of the city.