How to survive this week’s record night-time temperatures

Freezing pyjamas and using ice-powered fans are just a few of the ways to ensure a good night’s sleep this week.

The UK is set for potentially record-breaking night-time temperatures this week as a heatwave caused by hot air from Africa sweeps in.

Here are six tips for keeping cool at night as the mercury soars.

1. Windows and blinds

Keep them closed during the day to keep heat out. If the outdoor temperature is higher, only open them (and doors) at night if it’s cooler outside.

2. Take a cool shower before bed

Water is a great cooling agent. A cool shower (or bath) before bed will help lower the body’s temperature before you turn in for the night.

3. Freeze your PJs

Try putting your bedclothes into the freezer before you put them on. Try it with bed linen, too. You can even use it to turn a hot water bottle into a cold one.

4. Drink up

Have plenty of cold water on hand and always keep a glass handy by the bed.

5. Sofas so good

Heat rises, so sleeping on the sofa on the ground floor may be cooler than the bedroom.

6. We’re big fans

A fan is a great idea, either aimed at the head of the bed or at the body. Try placing a bucket of ice in front of it for an extra chill.