How to travel to London for only £13 with Virgin Trains

As long as you’re flexible about the time of day you’re willing to travel, you could save £70 or more on your journey.

Photograph captured at Coventry railway station by @capturethemoment2201 on Instagram.

London is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world. Whether it be for the shopping, fine dining, museums & art or landmarks, it’s certainly worth a visit every once in a while.

While Virgin Trains is famed for its super-fast services to the capital, it’s a luxury that doesn’t come cheap, with a one-way fare costing up to £80.

But using this little known secret, you can get a one-way ticket from Coventry to London Euston for as little as £13. Even if you book last minute you can still get the discounted fares.

Sound too good to be true? The only stipulation is that you can’t get the reduced prices at the busiest times during the rush hour. If you can be flexible about when you travel, you can save money.

The Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder tool lets you find the best prices on train journeys to the capital, with journeys from as early in the morning as 05:51 to as late at night as 23:31.

We found a ticket for a one-hour journey from Coventry to London Euston today, 18 June, at 13:11 for only £13. Not bad.

Book 12 weeks or more in advance and you can grab your tickets even cheaper. We found a ticket for 9 September for only £7.50!

This means a return journey to London and back could cost a mere £26, that’s quite the saving on what would otherwise be a £160 ticket.

Upgrade to the perks of a one-way First Class ticket, with bigger all-table seats, complimentary food and drinks and lounge access, all for only £25. Double up and a return trip will set you back only £50, compared to what would otherwise be £235!

You can find the easy-to-use Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder tool here. And don’t forget to stand behind the yellow line.