Independent food stalls move from Market Way to Hertford Street

Public realm improvements mean the independent stalls have had to move to a new home closer to Broadgate.

This past weekend saw Coventry’s long-standing independent green food stalls, previously located for many years on Market Way, move to their new home on the newly resurfaced Hertford Street, just off Broadgate in Coventry city centre.

Millie’s Kitchen, Tokyo Express, Coventry Hummus and A Taste Of India are some of the independent food stalls that have moved.

The move comes due to public realm work in the Upper Precinct, on Smithford Way and on Market Way involving resurfacing, adding new water features and over 1,000 square metres of new planting and trees.

The public realm improvements aim to drastically change the visual aesthetic of parts of the city centre and transform unused areas into vibrant public spaces.

It is thought that the increased proximity to busy Broadgate and exposure to new foot traffic to and from the railway station will help attract more customers to the local food businesses.

Many have voiced criticism over the new black tarmac surface on Hertford Street, with some online branding it as a “horrific eyesore”.

Coventry City Council has been quick to reassure us that the current surface is temporary, and will be covered with a gold-coloured, resin-bonded finish.

It is unknown where the food stalls will move to when work continues on Hertford Street – nearby Broadgate would be the most logistically sound option, or back to Market Way temporarily if work hasn’t progressed by then.