Krispy Kreme is taking us back to the ’90s with party ring doughnuts

The ’80s might be back in full swing everywhere thanks to Stranger Things season 3, but Krispy Kreme has skipped ahead a whole decade.

Krispy Kreme is celebrating the start of the Summer holidays with the launch of four new retro-inspired doughnuts that look (and taste) like your favourite nostalgic birthday party snacks.

In true ’90s style, the classic iced-ring doughnut is getting a party ring-inspired makeover, with the addition of candy floss-flavoured icing in the pink or yellow we know from the famous iced biscuits.

There’s also a chocolate brownie batter-filled doughnut that pays homage to the pick-n-mix classic the jazzie, complete with multicoloured hundreds and thousands scattered over the top.

The final addition to the range is the Cookies & Kreme doughnut, which is decorated with vanilla frosting and topped with crunchy cookie pieces.

The ’90s summer theme carries over to the drinks menu, where you’ll find new Tropical flavoured and Apple flavoured slushies, as well as an Oreo Kreme shake. Yep, you read that right.

The doughnuts are available now, sold individually or as part of a dozen, at Krispy Kreme Coventry in West Orchards Shopping Centre.