Lady Godiva Procession in Coventry City Centre this week

The Godiva Trust celebrates the heritage of Coventry’s legendary Lady Godiva.

This Friday, 20 September at 10:30 am, a spectacular procession will begin from the Lady Godiva Statue in Broadgate, Coventry City Centre, celebrating the heritage of Coventry’s legendary Lady Godiva.

Follow the spectacular procession with colourful handmade textured banners to Priory Gardens.

Enjoy tastes of traditional Coventry God cakes, Irish soda bread, Asian, African, Malaysian and Serbian treats.

Hear live music, song and dance performances with adults and school children from all around the world.

See, hear and admire the stories that make Coventry what it is today.

Join the Godiva Sisters in their beautiful medieval and traditional costumes.

“Dame Goodyver’s Daye” was a traditional feast day given by the Guild of Cappers and Feltmakers many centuries ago and has now been revived by Coventry’s official Lady Godiva Pru Porretta MBE.

The event has been organised by the Godiva Trust, which helps a new generation of women from Coventry’s diverse cultures better relate and reinterpret their heritage celebration with a unique identity, underpinning the City’s International role as a Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.