Local brain injury charity steps up services during lockdown

Headway Coventry and Warwickshire haven’t let the pandemic stop them from increasing their services to support even more people.

A brain injury charity operating in Coventry, Warwick and Nuneaton has increased its services on offer to ensure vulnerable members of the community aren’t left without support during lockdown.

Brain injury survivors, their families and carers are able to access specialist support through weekly group video calls and daily chats via phone calls and WhatsApp groups – all thanks to the charity Headway Coventry and Warwickshire.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the charity ran support groups twice a month, but all that came to a stop when the charity was forced to close the doors to its groups.

Yet, it hasn’t stopped Headway Coventry and Warwickshire from doing all it can to support those who need it most.

It has increased the services on offer to ensure that no one affected by brain injury is left alone or without support at these challenging times.

The charity, based in Leamington Spa, now runs weekly support groups through video calls where those involved are given a chance to discuss any worries they may be having, catch up with friends and even get involved in specialist classes such as creative writing and arts and crafts.

One brain injury survivor even demonstrated his musical talents by playing the ukulele to lift people’s spirits.

Sally Tissington from Headway Coventry and Warwickshire leads the groups. She said: “People affected by brain injury need us now more than ever.

“Our members have been cut off from the outside world, their friends, families and hobbies so increasing our services and the support on offer has been of critical importance during these unprecedented times.”

As well as supporting current members, Headway Coventry and Warwickshire is hoping to reach out to others affected by brain injury who may not yet have the right support in place.

Sally said: “We want everyone in the community to know that if they’ve been affected by brain injury, they can always count on us – no matter what.”

Of course, increasing the services and support has come at a cost to the charity.

“These are difficult times for us as a charity so donations are hugely appreciated,” Sally added.

“Every pound donated will go directly towards supporting those who need us, whether that be current members struggling to come to terms with the impact of lockdown, or new members who so desperately need support following the effects of brain injury.”

To donate, visit headwaycw.org.uk.