McDonald’s is launching spicy chicken nuggets

A limited-edition, spiced-up take the fast-food restaurant’s classic chicken nuggets.

Fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s is spicing up its menu with the addition of limited-edition spicy chicken nuggets.

The Spicy McNuggets have already been trialled in the US and parts of Asia, but the UK version is a new specifically developed recipe and comes with a Tabasco based dip.

The new nuggets will be available from tomorrow (7 August) and only be around for seven weeks.

The nuggets will cost the same as regular ones, and a box of six has 290 calories, slightly more than the classic nuggets.

McDonald’s is also rumoured to be working on launching vegan nuggets for the UK, having already sold vegan nuggets in Norway for some time, made with mashed potato, chickpeas and carrots – interesting.