Review: MOD Pizza, the new pizza place that’s a slice above the rest

Pizza so good it’s ready in only 90 seconds, thanks to the 280 degrees gas-fire oven.

Pizza is officially the most popular food purchased in restaurants across the UK, and increasingly us Brits are ditching legacy brands like Domino’s for innovative fast-casual style pizza chains.

MOD Pizza is one of them. Founded by a former Starbucks executive in 2008 in the US, the chain has expanded across the pond over the past year and landed right here in Coventry.

MOD prepares and bakes their pizzas on a Subway-like assembly line, but with a more upmarket feel, where you can pick from dozens of toppings.

We recently visited the new MOD Pizza at the city’s new dining quarter in Cathedral Lanes, to see whether it’s worth the hype.

Located at Cathedral Lanes, MOD Pizza is the latest restaurant to join the vibrant collection of eateries now located in this part of the city, situated centrally and very easy to find.

The atmosphere inside was homely, modern and trendy, far from the dirty, grease-filled world that most other pizza places bring to mind, with plenty of seating available. Although, since it’s the summer you might want to make the most of their outdoor seating area.

What impressed us most was the choice of toppings. For about £8 you can get a regular-sized pizza with as many toppings as you’d like, and with over 30 toppings to choose from, there really is something for everybody’s taste.

For those that like to leave the ingredient pairing to the professionals, MOD’s got you covered with a selection of Classic Pizzas to choose from, that you can still customise should you want to.

The pizza gets cooked in a gas-fire oven for about 90 seconds. The cook spins the pizza to ensure it cooks evenly and removes it once the crust starts to burn. Just how we like it.

We went for the smokey BBQ chicken Caspian, which comes with BBQ sauce, topped with mozzarella, chicken, red onions, blue cheese and a little extra BBQ sauce swirl, but we opted to have it without the blue cheese.

The pizza was sublime and near grease-free. The base was exactly how it should be – thin and crisp in all the right places. The sauce was fresh and full of flavour, complimented perfectly by the toppings.

We’ll certainly be going back.

The best pizza place in Coventry? Things change quickly of course, but at the moment it’s MOD to beat.

Our Summary: MOD Pizza
  • Food & Drink
  • Location & Atmosphere
  • Price
The Good

A good selection of side dishes to accompany

Value for money is beyond fair

The Bad

Ambient music was a little too loud