New festival to celebrate Coventry’s creative talent and help it grow

The Coventry Design Festival aims to bring together the city’s creatives for talks, hands-on workshops, one-to-one mentoring sessions and more.

Pictured: Coventry Design Festival logo and graphic mock-ups.

A local graphic designer has made the most of his time during lockdown to plan a new festival to celebrate Coventry’s creative community and help it rebuild.

Influenced by the struggles encountered by creative industries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Chris Sanders decided something had to be done to drive positivity across creative industries during the most difficult of times.

Having worked in the creative sector for over 20 years, Chris said he knew COVID-19 would hit everyone hard – graduates and established studios alike.

It was out of this that his idea was born: the Coventry Design Festival (CDF).

His vision was to bring together the best of the city’s creative talent to help people connect and inspire the future of creativity – a vision set to come true.

CDF, despite still being in early planning stages, has garnered interest and attracted local volunteers who are passionate to help out.

The festival, planned for May 2022, will include a schedule of diverse speakers and hands-on workshops, as well as mental health safe spaces, one-to-one mentoring sessions, live podcasts and more.

It has been designed to encourage everyone to participate regardless of skill, age or experience.

“I want to give people a reason to visit”, Chris told HelloCov, “whether that’s a fresh-faced graduate looking for mentoring opportunities or an amateur illustrator that’s interested in our hands-on workshops.”

The festival organiser confirmed a number of speakers and workshops have already been organised and will be announced alongside opportunities to get involved in early 2021.

Chris added: “Coventry’s creative history is incredible and I hope CDF can play a part in celebrating that.

“I’m passionate about pushing the city forward and by bringing together UK-wide talent. I believe the Coventry Design Festival can become a significant date in the creative calendar.”

To find out more and how you can get involved, visit