New look for Resorts World’s atrium

The new central atrium design transitions upwards, across and around each floor, representing the flow of energy and movement of visitors.

Resorts World Birmingham have given their central atrium a makeover, visually enhancing the space for guests and staff with a bold artistic installation.

Following the fourth anniversary of the Midlands leisure and entertainment destination in October 2019, Resorts World appointed Alexander Owen (AO) Architecture to transform their central atrium space, which sits at the centre of the scheme housing outlet shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment experiences and a conference venue all under one roof.

The objectives of the project for the London design duo were to enhance the existing design, initially launched in 2015, to create an exciting and memorable guest journey and to inspire exploration and discovery by their guests throughout the various floors and venues of the building.

Inspired by the iconic Peckham Levels stairwell installation completed by AO in London, a full architectural analysis of the space to create a visually unique design was completed, inspired by the structure, form and organisation of the building.

The design transitions upwards, across and around each floor, incorporating the central escalators, representing and accompanying the flow of energy and movement of guests around Resorts World.

Completed in partnership with local Midlands signage firm Bowden & Dolphin and painting by Bagnalls, the finished spectacle and colourways, inspired by chromatherapy and the healing nature of colours, are designed to feel comfortable and relatable; both relatable to the human scale as the eye line transitions through the levels and also in warmth and feeling.

James Owen Webster, Director of Alexander Owen Architecture, spoke of the bespoke colour analysis behind the design: “The atrium is very much a transition zone within the destination, almost akin to a decompression zone in a shop. A successful decompression zone should encourage people to slow down, breathe and make a calm transition from one space to another.

“Similarly, in Resorts World’s atrium, guests need to be able to stop, find their bearings and then progress to their next destination, be it in an exploratory or direct fashion. For this reason the final colour palette needed to flow from one hue to another in a relatively smooth progression in order to express the atrium’s transitional nature and the tranquil flow of energy within it.” 

Richard Bridges, also a Director of Alexander Owen Architecture, added: “The colours themselves work together to engender different moods and feelings; the purples and pinks inspire and exude vibrant energy, whilst the blues and greens provide more healing, tranquil energies. Black has been used to fill the neutral voids between the floor plates and act as a back and foreground to the colour.

“Together, the movement within the graphic form and the energy of the changing chromatic hues are intended to draw guests through the space and encourage exploration of what Resorts World has to offer.”

Ian Bennett, Operations Director at Resorts World, said: “Our guests are coming to visit Resorts World to spend important leisure time away from the rush of everyday life.

“We realise that the physical and visual environments they choose to spend this time are becoming increasingly significant, to suit their mood, meet their needs and enhance their enjoyment. Our aim is to make their visit as fun, welcoming and memorable as possible, which underpins this new makeover within the building and guest journey.”

Enhancing everyday experience by design, this is the biggest commercial space Alexander Owen have worked on and their first architectural venture outside of London.

The first phase in the Resorts World makeover is now complete, with phase two, looking at walkways & entrances, commencing this year.