New pictures show how the future of Coventry City Centre will look

The City Centre is expected to see improvements over the next few years in preparation for Coventry’s reign as City of Culture in 2021 and beyond.

Newly-released computer-generated images detail exactly how public realm enhancements across the city centre will look.

The proposed improvements show how small changes to high foot traffic areas could drastically change the visual aesthetic of parts of the city centre by turning currently empty areas into vibrant public spaces with seating, foliage and water features.

The public realm enhancements will be a key part of the regeneration of the city centre and are expected to contribute to the creation of seventy new jobs and four apprenticeships.

Plans around the city’s new water park, The Wave, include a new water feature, new bonded gravel surfaces and several benches for people to sit and enjoy the new landscape.

A play area for children will also be built, complete with attractive play equipment designed in an artistic style but retaining ‘play’ as the key criteria.

The most eye-catching changes are proposed in the Upper Precinct, with welcoming bench-edged flower beds surrounded by new water features and sculptures.

These public realm enhancements will help turn the Upper Precinct into a more desirable and attractive place to shop following the demolition of the green escalators any day now.

Coventry City Council have said that they will still respect the history of the city centre. A depiction of Greyfriars Gate, which can currently be seen on the paving stones in front of Christchurch Spire, will be re-created to look less worn-out and more striking, for example.

Councillor Patricia Hetherton, Cabinet Member for City Services at Coventry City Council, said the work was crucial to improving the look of the city for local people and ahead of 2021 as thousands of new visitors are expected to visit Coventry.

“There’s going to be so much more green space than there is at the moment. It’s going to be a very welcoming area for families and children to enjoy.

“Coventry being named UK City of Culture 2021 has given us a great opportunity to enhance our wonderful city, and we think our design will impress locals and visitors alike.

Work is already thought to be underway on improvements near The Wave.