New Starbucks Drive-Thru is now open in Tile Hill

Those looking to recharge while on-the-go won’t even need to leave their car.

Photography taken by Jon Altoft

A brand new Starbucks Drive-Thru coffee shop welcomed its first customers on Saturday after opening in Tile Hill over the weekend.

The store is the city’s first Starbucks Drive-Thru, soon to be joined by new stores in Binley Woods and Cross Point.

The coffee shop is based in Tile Hill alongside Greggs, McDonald’s KFC, Pizza Hut and Sainsbury’s.

The store’s first 100 customers on Saturday were greeted by goodie bags, which contained vouchers, Starbucks VIA Instant sachets, chocolate gold coins, and a reusable cup.

Aside from hot and cold drinks, the store also sells a wide range of whole bean and instant coffee, espresso capsules and reusable cups.

If you’ve got the time, the new drive-thru store also offers comfortable seating so coffee lovers can relax in-store.

Any customers with a reusable cup will be pleased to hear they can get a 25p discount when purchasing a drink.

The new Starbucks Drive-Thru Tile Hill store is open 6:00 am till 10:00 pm seven days a week.