Part of Coventry city centre to be renamed this weekend

The area is being rededicated to honour the 75th anniversary of the twinning between Coventry and Volgograd.

A part of Coventry city centre will be renamed this weekend to honour the city’s oldest twin and partner in its work for peace, the City of Volgograd.

The area outside Holy Trinity Church will be renamed Volgograd Place and will be the home for the Volgograd Memorial.

It is being rededicated to honour the 75th anniversary of the twinning between Coventry and Volgograd – formerly known as Stalingrad.

The link was first made when almost 900 women from Coventry embroidered a tablecloth with their names and sent it with a message of hope and friendship to women in the Russian city as the Battle of Stalingrad raged.

The people of Coventry had suffered through the Blitz and air raids of the Second World War and had already started to reach out in peace.

That first contact led to a formal twinning in 1944 that now enables civic, trade and faith links, as well as school and cultural exchanges.

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Leader of the City Council, said: “We are honoured to be paying tribute to our oldest twin this weekend.

“It will be a double celebration as we are also awarding Volgograd our Coventry Award of Merit, which is the highest honour our city can bestow and it is the first time we have presented one to a city.

“The newly named Volgograd Place is in such a fitting location – just yards from the inspiring Cathedral Ruins that saw the birth of our work for peace, and next to Broadgate, right at the heart of our bustling city.

“It is the perfect place for Coventry people and for visitors to our city to sit and reflect on our work for peace and why our friendship with Volgograd is so important.”

The rededication service will be held at noon on Saturday, 9 November and all are welcome.