Pathway improvements along Coventry Canal

Upcoming works along Coventry Canal aim to create a safe, green, easily accessible and traffic-free route into the city for cyclists and walkers.

Coventry City Council working in partnership with the Canal & River Trust has started a project to improve the pathway along the Coventry Canal to improve the popular waterway.

The project will see the towpath improved from Leicester Causeway to Sutton Stop, building on earlier improvements from the Canal Basin to Leicester Causeway, and means that local people can have easy access to the canal throughout the year. 

Once finished the improvement will create a safe, green, easily accessible and traffic-free route into the city.

For the work to take place without a total closure the pathway will be temporarily closed in phases, meaning people can still enjoy the open parts of the route while work is ongoing.

Work is set to begin from 20 July, beginning near Hawkesbury and lasting for about a month.

A recent survey by the West Midlands Combined Authority found a 40 per cent increase in cycling to work and walking to shops in Coventry during the recent lockdown period, with 17% expecting to cycle more and 47% expecting to walk more than they did before the coronavirus pandemic.

This improvement to some of the city’s oldest infrastructure will benefit these new cyclists and walkers, and hopefully encourage more.

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, cabinet member for jobs and regeneration at Coventry City Council, commented: “We are really lucky to have the canal running through the city and once we have resurfaced the towpath and widened it in sections it will make a great walking and cycling route.

“We will also be improving access along the route so people who live close can get to it really easily.

“We lead lots of big schemes but often it’s the simple changes like this that make a real difference.”

Russell Poulton, from the Canal & River Trust, added: “The Coventry Canal is a really beautiful stretch of waterway and these towpath improvements will mean you can visit the canal throughout the year.

“Improving access to our waterways is one of the ways we are trying to get people more active and out on the canal.

“Research shows that being next to water improves your mental and physical health and I can’t think of a better place to be than on the Coventry Canal exploring our canal wildlife and heritage.”