Starbucks delivery expands to Coventry

You’ll have to pay double the price of your coffee to avoid leaving home for a caffeine fix. 

Starbucks is set to deliver in the UK for the first time starting today, with customers having to be willing to pay double the price of their coffee to avoid leaving their home for a caffeine fix. 

The coffee chain has been piloting the coffee-to-your-door service in London since the start of the year in a deal with UberEats. 

The service, expanding to Coventry from today, will allow customers to order a hot drink from Starbucks on the UberEats app before it is delivered by Uber’s network of bicycle, motorcycles and cars.

Starbucks says that around 95 per cent of its menu items will be available through the app.

But customers will pay more for their order.

While a Venti Caffe Latte from Starbucks will normally cost only £3.25, when ordering through the UberEats app the same drink will cost you £3.90 plus £3.50 delivery fee, a total of £7.40 for your coffee.

UberEats has become a popular food delivery service among the millennial generation, who have a taste for smartphone delivery businesses.

Liz Meyerdirk, Uber’s Head of Business Development, said: “We have had people asking for Starbucks delivery for five or six years. Even before UberEats existed, they were asking if Ubers could deliver coffee for them.”

Starbucks’s Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer said: “By integrating our ordering technology directly with Uber Eats, we’ve unlocked the ability to bring Starbucks to customers for those times when they’re not able to come to us.”