The Coventry themed collectable sticker album taking the city by storm

Following on from the success of the Coventry Pin Badge Club, we caught up with Aaron Ashmore to talk about his newest creation: the Coventry Sticker Album.

Following on from the success of the Coventry Pin Badge Club, its Founder, Aaron Ashmore, has launched his newest creative endeavour under the Etch & Pin brand: the Coventry Sticker Album.

As the name entails, Etch & Pin’s Sticker Album celebrates Coventry in pictures – sticky ones.

Each collectable sticker is centred around a local business, landmark or group, everything from Lady Godiva herself to local sporting teams and Coventry’s iconic new flag.

Aaron told us he was originally inspired by his love for collecting stickers as a child, and that he collected “the Premier League stickers, where you’d collect and swap with your friends trying to get your favourite player”.

It’s this sort of social appeal that seemed to draw Aaron to the idea, wanting to create a fun product with deep ties in the community and that celebrates all aspects of the city.

Seeing the joy collectable sticker albums brought to Aaron’s own children also inspired him, wanting to recreation that joy for more children, but also for himself and local people alike – a sticker album that appeals to both young and old.

We can’t deny, there’s something truly satisfying about completing a sticker album, and Aaron too said he can relate to the satisfaction of “perfectly lining up the stickers over the space or completing all of the stickers on a page.”

As you might imagine, the creative process for the design and production of such a mammoth book with all the sticker must’ve been quite a task.

Aaron said that “the process from that first idea to launch was about four months. As we looked to bring together so many different elements from across the city, it meant there were lots of individual conversations to be had.

“The hard work was worth all the effort though – I couldn’t be happier with the final product and it’s been so fantastic to see the reception to the Sticker Album since launch.”

What strikes us most about Aaron is his genuine love for the city and passion to celebrate it in unique ways, a welcome and refreshing world view.

After taking a look through the book, we struggled to pick just one as our favourite sticker, but Aaron said he has a biased love for the album’s very first sticker (pictured below) – since it’s of him.

“I always said that I wanted to be in a football sticker book when I was a kid and didn’t achieve it – so I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to tick it off my bucket list!” he said.

Of course, he’s proud of his work and loves every sticker, but we can’t blame him for finding a personal favourite in his own.

The sticker packs also include random, eye-catching shiny stickers, which fit onto an included poster of the Coventry skyline.

Asked whether a second Coventry Sticker Album was already in the works, Aaron said: “There are lots of different Coventry businesses and attractions that I didn’t have space in feature in this Sticker Album – including some amazing charities doing incredible work across the city.

“I am considering a follow-up Sticker Album, however, I have lots of other exciting ideas celebrating the city that I’d like to try before then!”

Music to our ears.

For those wondering what the future of the Coventry Pin Badge Club holds, rest assured while it may be on a hiatus, the pin badges will return in the run-up to the city’s reign as City of Culture in 2021.

You can get your hands on the Coventry Sticker Album and sticker packs at Coventry Cathedral, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, the Coventry Transport Museum or online at

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