This is what Coventry’s first boutique hotel could look like

Details on the city’s first boutique hotel are still slim, but an interior design studio that bid to work on the hotel has released some mockups.

A design render mockup of a double bedroom, with concrete walls and ceilings and retro accent colours across the velvet furniture.

Last year details were released on the city’s first boutique hotel, set to be based in the former Coventry Evening Telegraph Building and dubbed the Coventry Telegraph Hotel.

Thus far, few details about the hotel have been released and little is known about how the inside of the 88-bedroom hotel will look.

Now, thanks to an interior design studio based in Bristol, who bid for a contract with the hotel, we can take a look at how the hotel could look. We stress that the design studio didn’t win the contract, so the hotel will not look exactly like this, but the renders reflect on an overall style aesthetic the hotel seems to be aiming for.

Retro in style, the boutique hotel is to be built on a site with numerous layers of history surrounding it, which is set to serve as backdrop and inspiration for the hotel design. The design renders are sympathetic to the building’s history, combining the most interesting elements of the physical site into the hotel brand.

A design render mockup of the reception area, with bold retro colours and patterns.
A graphic illustrative mockup of a ground floor conservatory, which could be used as a café, restaurant or bar.
A graphic illustrative mockup of a library space within the hotel.