Volunteers providing food for over 1,500 Coventry households as demand increases

A combination of self-isolation measures and financial difficulties created by the pandemic has resulted in more people requiring support to access food.

Donated food for homeless

Coventry’s voluntary hubs are currently providing over 1,500 food parcels and vouchers each week for households in the city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hubs are intentionally spread across the city to ensure that each community has its needs met.

According to food hub volunteers, the demand is still increasing and food donations are needed more than ever.

Organisers are responding to a host of circumstances that have seen individuals and families requiring support to access food – from those that are self-isolating at home to people in fraught financial difficulties created by the pandemic.

The parcels and vouchers are being distributed through a variety of community schemes and partnerships including Hope Coventry, Foodbank, Langar Aid and a network of community centres hosting Social Supermarkets and Grub Hubs.

Cllr Faye Abbott, chair of Feeding Coventry, commented: “As one of the organisations involved, we have seen an incredible response.

“Community centres, hubs and partners have rallied to help people in need over the last few months, and our latest figures really show how demand continues to increase as more people require support.

“We have all been overwhelmed by the way that people have cared for one another and stepped in to ensure that everyone in Coventry has access to food and any other help that they need.”

Stoke Heath Community Food Hub started operating on 29 May and has already distributed 25 parcels through the Grub Hub model.

Cllr Tariq Khan from Coventry City Council added: “It is excellent that this vital work continues to expand across the city.”

In order to continue their work, many of the hubs rely on community donations from members of the public.

One of the best ways to help is by supporting Coventry Foodbank.

Coventrians who are in need of help or know friends or family struggling can get in touch with Coventry City Council for advice on the customer services telephone number 08085 834333.