Wash bags donated to Coventry waste collection crews

The handy wash bags will allow Coventry’s waste collection crews to safely wash their work clothes separately.

Coventry’s waste collection crews have received 170 handmade wash bags to help them safely wash their clothes thanks to a donation from Balsall Common Sewing Circle.

The bags can be used by the bin men and women to allow them to separate their dirty work clothes and PPE. The bags can then be placed straight into the washing machine – protecting their immediate families too.

Councillor Patricia Hetherton, cabinet member for city services, Coventry City Council, praised the donations as “amazing”.

“I want to say thank you to them [Balsall Common Sewing Circle] – and say thank you to all the staff who have been working so hard to keep collecting bins”, she said.

“Bin crews take care of us by emptying over 140,000 bins every week and it’s wonderful to see Coventry residents pulling together during these difficult times to help support and take care of our crews.”

The bags were received last week and have already been distributed amongst the crews, who are also using social distancing to help protect them against COVID-19 whilst they work, keeping Coventry clean.

A member of the waste collection team said: “These bags are great, we are so grateful!

“It’s been amazing to see some of the messages of support, the pictures in the windows and now the donations too. We really appreciate it and want to thank everyone for their kindness.”