What are the yellow stickers around Coventry City Centre?

Yellow stickers appeared overnight on lamppost around Coventry City Centre, with an interesting but unsurprising message.

Lamppost around Coventry City Centre were plastered with bright yellow stickers overnight.

All identical, the stickers read “Brexit is a crime scene,” and list supposed crimes that occurred in the Brexit process, including “electoral law breaking, dark money, ‘lies on an industrial scale'” and “interference by foreign powers.”

Your guess is as good as ours as to whether it’s just a practical joke or an anonymous form of political protest.

The stickers are sold by website ‘EU Flag Mafia’, an online satire store selling a range of merchandise branded against the UK leaving the EU, and sold in packs of at least 100.

Thus far, the claims on the stickers appear to be unsubstantiated and based on conspiracy more than the truth.

The act of putting a poster or sticker in a public place without permission is known as fly-posting and is in fact illegal.

Coventry City Council said that “fly-posting is illegal, spoils both public and private property and can be very costly to remove.

“We are constantly seeking to reduce crime, the fear of crime and improve the environment in which Coventry people live. Fly-posting affects this work and has a negative impact on the local ‘street scene’ by giving the impression of urban decay.”

Being a criminal offence, fly-posting can lead to a fixed penalty notice of £80 per each individual offence, meaning should the perpetrator put up all 100 stickers and be caught, they could be looking at a fine of up to £8000.