Young Coventrians asked to create artwork for a free book

The creative masterpieces will be displayed inside the newly refurbished Earlsdon Carnegie Community Library.

Julie Rubidge, Michael Mogan MBE and Aaron Ashmore infront of Earlsdon Library in Coventry.

Pictured from left: Julie Rubidge, Chair of Earlsdon Library; Michael Mogan MBE; Aaron Ashmore from Etch & Pin; and Alice and Hattie Mogan.

Coventry children can get their hands on a free copy of the new Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit book, authored by Coventry creative Aaron Ashmore, thanks to the support of a local fundraiser.

Young Coventrians are being asked to draw their favourite thing about Coventry – be it Lady Godiva herself, the ornate Cathedral or even their favourite restaurant.

Once complete, the masterpieces can be taken to Earlsdon Carnegie Community Library, where the artworks will be showcased, to get a free copy of Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit.

Michael Mogan MBE, a local fundraiser who played an integral part in securing the funds that won Coventry the title UK City of Culture 2021, has partnered with Aaron to give away copies of the book.

The book itself immortalises the story of Lady Godiva in print, with modern illustrations by Oliver S. Emery, making it easier than ever for young people to learn about their city’s history.

Aaron said: “Lady Godiva is Coventry’s best-known icon and telling the story to a younger audience who may be aware of the statue, but not necessarily the story behind it, is vital to keep her legacy alive.

“I like to think that our book is a great, fun way to get local children involved in reading and create awareness of the city’s heritage.”

Michael, who has committed £10,000 to good causes during 2020 and 2021, added: “We want to create a culture of giving and to celebrate our heritage, which should be a key part of City of Culture year.”

To find out more about Aaron’s brand, Etch & Pin, and to buy a copy of Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit, visit

A limit number of free books are available.