Your local guide to the 2019 General Election in Coventry

Change is coming in Coventry this election, with MPs in two of the city’s three constituencies not standing for re-election.

People across the country will head to the polls this Thursday, 12 December in what is set to be a significant election for Coventry.

Members of Parliament (MPs) have chosen to not seek re-election in two of the city’s three parliamentary constituencies, meaning Coventry South and Coventry North West will have new representatives no matter the outcome of the vote.

According to independent polling figures, on the national scale, Boris Johnson has, on average, a 10-point lead in the polls, while locally in Coventry the results look more red.

Based on polling and past elections, it’s predicted that the Labour Party will hold their seats in all three Coventry constituencies.

However, it’s by no means certain, especially in Coventry South where vote margins are tight and divisive issues like Brexit could swing the vote.

Professor of Social and Political Science, Lawrence Dolan, explained that “Coventry South is where we expect the most, if any, shifts in Coventry this election. The combination of a younger Labour candidate and an ageing population in the constituency could play into the hands of the Conservative Party.

“But party loyalty still seems to stand, by the skin of their teeth, with the Labour Party on a whole.”

“It all depends on by how people vote on the day – whether that be based on political party alignment, on the individual local candidates, or on issues like Brexit.”

On the day, the polls will be open from 7:00 until 22:00. You can find your polling station online or on your polling card.

You do not need to take your poll card or any identification with you to vote.

Who are the local candidates?

Coventry North East:

  • Colleen Margaret Fletcher (Labour)
  • Matthew Stephen Handley (Green)
  • Nukey Proctor (Lib Dems)
  • Charlotte Sophie Christina Richards (Conservatives)
  • Iddrisu Sufyan (Brexit Party)

Coventry North West:

  • Clare Golby (Conservatives)
  • Stephen Robert George Gray (Green)
  • Grey Paul Judge (Lib Dems)
  • Taiwo Owatemi (Labour)
  • Joshua David Richardson (Brexit Party)

Coventry South:

  • James Phillip Crocker (Brexit Party)
  • Becky Finlayson (Green)
  • Mattie Heaven (Conservative)
  • Ed Manning (Independent)
  • Stephen John Richmond (Lib Dems)
  • Zarah Sultana (Labour)

For information on each candidate, we recommend visiting, which provides statements from each candidate in their own words and links to their social media profiles.

When will we know the results?

The votes are counted through the night on 12 December and results are expected in the early hours of the morning of Friday, 13 December.

The results will be posted online by Coventry City Council after the count has finished, and a full analysis of the results will be published by us on Friday morning.

Whatever your political preference, be sure to vote on 12 December.